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    The following shows documents about detailed information of various planetary ball mills. You can download it on the corresponding product page, or download it here.
    Nylon roll mill jar    [247]
    It is widely used in the fields of precious metals, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, pigment, paint etc.
    Stainless Steel Mill Ball    [401]
    304 stainless steel grind ball is one of most widely used grind ball all over the world. It might be used in fields of medical apparatus and instruments, chemicals, Aeronautics and astronautics, plastic and hardware, sprayer, valve, nail polish, motor, switch, electric iron, wash machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, medicinal materials, auto parts, bearing and instruments. 304 stainless steel ball is commonly used for grinding and dispersing ultra-fine powder, and can be matched with planetary ball mill, roll ball mill, stirred ball mill, vibratory ball mill and so on.
    Agate Mill Ball    [403]
    Tencan Agate ball is made of natural agate with high hardness and high toughness as well as good abrasion resistance. It can be used and matched with all kinds of ball mills. Agate ball has a long life and reduces using cost and friction abrasion. Further, it has less effect to the environment.
    Alumina Mill Ball    [402]
    Alumina ball is widely used in industries of ceramics, cements, paint, dyeing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, coating and mining. It has advantages of high hardness, good toughness, high density, good erosion resistance, regular shape etc. It is suitable for all kinds of ball mills covering planetary ball mill, roll ball mill, stirred ball mill and vibratory ball mill.
    Tungsten Carbide Mill Ball    [285]
    Tungsten carbide mill ball is made of hard alloyed materials. It has advantages of high hardness, good abrasion resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-bending and adaptable to tough working environment. 
    Zirconia Mill Ball    [498]
    Zirconia ball is also called zirconia grind ball, zirconia ceramic ball, zirconium bead, ultra-fine grinding media and zirconia mini bead. It has smooth and gloss surface like pearl, which is the most excellent among all grinding media.
    Iron Core PU Mill Ball    [348]
    PU ball is mainly used to mix materials. There is an iron core in ball wrapped with PU material. PU ball is widely used in fields of vibration plate of heavy machinery, blanking, stamping, sheet metal checking, insulation and long-life-cycle required fields. PU ball can be matched with planetary ball mill, roll ball mill, stirred ball mill and so on. It is used for dispersing and grind materials of ultra-fine powder.
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