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    With more than 10 years experiences in the industry, Tencan has accumulated a large number of application cases reports which were verified with grinding cases of various kinds of materials.We prepared some following reports for representative materials such as minerals, metal, non-metal, ceramics, chemical materials, medicine and so on. You may download.them for your references
    Glass powder grinding for 210 mins by planetary ball mill with PU jars    [319]
    Ceramic powder grinding for 2 hours by planetary ball mill with agate jars    [311]
    White zeolite grinding for 2 hours by roll ball mill+corundum jar    [337]
    White zeolite grinding for 2 hours by roll ball mill+corundum jar    [417]
    Straw grinding with zirconia mill jar for 5 hours by planetary ball mill    [356]
    Wood bits grinding for 2 hours by horizontal planetary ball mill    [383]
    Bamboo shoot grinding 3 hours    [315]
    Using vertical planetary ball milling, 250 ml zirconium cans with 250 grams of zirconium ball, dry grinding, 500 revolutions per minute, turn 5 stops, 1. big balls 40 grams, 80 grams in the ball, 130 grams of balls. Material 30 grams.
    Corn agate pot dry grinding for 3 hours.    [445]
    Vertical planetary ball mill, 250 ml agate tank with agate ball 170 grams, dry grinding 500 revolutions per minute, 30 grams of material, 50 grams of large balls, 85 grams in the ball, 35 grams of small balls.
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